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We believe in challenging the status quo of drug discovery.  We have a pragmatic yet creative mindset on how to solve scientific problems.  While many companies jump on promising discoveries and take an incremental me-too approach, we believe in radical differentiation resulting in radically more effective therapeutic interventions.


Accelerate: Computational Drug Discovery

Hit Finding

Finding new molecules to interact with a biological target is not a new problem. We at Innoventyx know this problem very well and we use our database of 52 million commercially available curated compounds with a rational computational target-based strategy to increase the odds for success.

Drug Design

When your goal is single-target drug therapeutics, we can design a new proprietary scaffold for your target based on your specs, and/or our computational modeling observations. If the mode of action is known, we research & identify  the key drivers for target affinity /activity & develop a computational model to suit your needs.

Medicinal Chemistry

We devise fast & efficient organic synthetic routes to make your compounds, keeping our eyes on the big picture, including costs, timelines, ease of synthesis, scale, commercial availability of materials, Pro-drug design, Formulation, and ADME/Tox optimization.


Rational Drug Design & Consulting

We thrive solving the most challenging scientific puzzles like drugging the undruggable target, mapping out the mode of action of the black-box drug, and devising elegant and practical synthetic pathways.

We combine over 50 years of expertise in drug development with computational modeling, structure-based drug design, and a dash of medicinal chemistry inspiration.

If you want to solve your intractable scientific problem, find that killer new lead, and save a boat load of money in the process…

We Accelerate Your Drug Discovery & Development Projects with Protectable Intellectual Property, Clear Competitive Advantage & Desirable Commercialization Exits, So You Can Focus On Your Business

We hate slow and traditional me-too approaches to solve drug discovery and development challenges.  We believe in devising fast, pragmatic, and economically efficient approaches to deliver innovative solutions tailored to your research problems.

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Five Spheres. One Mission.

Making a successful drug means keeping our eyes on the five key factors which make pharmaceuticals successful.  We keep the whole picture in mind to deliver you your blockbuster result.











Case Studies

What People Are Experiencing

The company received  no concerns from the FDA on how the drug candidate worked, incorporated our molecular insights  as part of its lead optimization strategy, included key protein-mutation experiments as part of the drug development process, and raised over 30 million dollars.

Case Study 1

Enzymatic assays using both identified fragments and selected newly synthesized fragment-linked compounds showed that biological activity of the target had been greatly diminished.  The results enabled the research group to apply for and obtain a government grant for additional studies.

Case Study 3

Crystal structures of tryptase with active inhibitors showed that the small molecules had been combined into the desired drug structure and were interacting at the desired binding sites (1 drug interacting with 2 binding sites).  Drugs were active in vivo, with an excellent half-life profile, and the company raised $12 million (Series B).

Case Study 2

We found that the top-scoring compound from our in silico modeling exhibited single-digit  IC50 nanomolar inhibition activity against the secondary onco-target without compromising the nanomolar IC50 potency against the first onco-target.  The company is in negotiations with investors to complete preclinical development towards IND filing.

Case Study 4

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