Our Consulting Philosophy

Accelerate your drug discovery and development projects with protectable intellectual property (IP), clear competitive advantage, and desirable commercialization exits.


The Success of Your Project is Always Our First Priority

Time is money and neither one can be wasted.  We work fast and efficiently to provide you with the best practical solutions to your research problems to accelerate your drug discovery and development projects, and save you time and money.







Preventing Research Cost Overrun

We help pharmaceutical, biotech companies and academic researchers identify, design and improve high-value therapeutic candidates with a pragmatic approach in mind to control both timelines and costs.

We hate slow and traditional me-too approaches to solve drug discovery and development challenges.  We believe in devising fast, pragmatic, and economically efficient approaches to deliver innovative solutions tailored to your research problems.

Which is why we developed the SPRY (TM) Process.

We combined our 50+ years experience in combinatorial chemistry, high-throughput parallel synthesis, medicinal chemistry, computational modeling, virtual libraries creation, high-throughput docking, structure-based, ligand-based, fragment-based, and reverse fragment-based drug design, cheminformatics, QSAR, pro-drugging, and formulation into a focused process, which susses out the quickest, most cost effective path to your research objective.

Case Studies

What People Are Experiencing

The company received  no concerns from the FDA on how the drug candidate worked, incorporated our molecular insights  as part of its lead optimization strategy, included key protein-mutation experiments as part of the drug development process, and raised over 30 million dollars.

Case Study 1

Crystal structures of tryptase with active inhibitors showed that the small molecules had been combined into the desired drug structure and were interacting at the desired binding sites (1 drug interacting with 2 binding sites).  Drugs were active in vivo, with an excellent half-life profile, and the company raised $12 million (Series B).

Case Study 2

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